Complete Turnkey Fire and Rescue Solution

Our Turnkey Fire and Rescue Solution is a unique integrated service offering which allows our clients to outsource all of their fire and safety needs to a company with a proven track record of delivering outstanding performance in Fire & Rescue.

Our Turnkey Operations include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruitment, Training and Management of Staff. 

  • Design, Development and Management of Premises. 

  • Specification, Procurement and Management of Vehicles.

  • Specification, Procurement and Management of Equipment.  

  • Design, Implementation and Accreditation of Training. 

  • Planning, Response and Reporting for all Emergency Incidents.

  • Provision of Mobile Fire Fighting Teams.

  • Fire Safety Building and Site Risk Assessment. 

  • Fire Detection & Suppression, Safety Assessment & Maintenance. 

  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Location and Maintenance.

  • Fleet Management. 

 Benefits of our Turnkey Solution:

  • Fully Customised Service: We take the time to fully understand your organisation and customise our turnkey solution to ensure we meet your exact fire and rescue requirements. The result is a fire and rescue service that is fully optimised to your operations, which will save you time, money and, in the event of an emergency, possibly even lives, buildings and assets.

  • Simplified fire service operation: We remove the need for multiple service providers and issue you with one point of contact for all fire and accident related issues, thereby reducing the need for internal resources. This frees up valuable time and resources that can be spent working towardsstrategic goals and developing core competencies.

  • Better financial control: By simplifying your fire service operation and entering into a contract based on an agreed fixed term fee, you will gain higher levels of control over your financial budgets.

  • Peace of mind: By outsourcing to AssetCo, employers can discharge moral and legal obligations as well as reduce the cost and consequences of damage to life and property, should it occur.

Joining the AssetCo Team: 


At AssetCo we believe our greatest asset is our people, which is why we invest significant resources into providing the very best personal and professional training and development opportunities for all of our employees.

Whether personnel from your existing fire team are integrated into our system, or we deliver new personnel to your site, we are committed to developing and maintaining a workforce that is innovative, skilled, motivated and resilient.