“To preserve life, protect assets, prevent incidents and respond immediately.”


“To be a world-class Fire and Rescue Service Provider known for our exceptional standards of operations, management and training, and commitment to the development of local people.”


We recognize that great service is not just about what we achieve, but also about how we deliver, so ‘RESPECT’ is embedded into everything that we do at AssetCo.

RESPECT is an acronym for our seven core values and provides the framework for the core behaviours that we expect every member of our team to demonstrate on a day-to-day basis. These behaviours support the delivery of our strategic priorities and the continued development of our people, culture, service, performance and partnerships.

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Taking responsibility for your actions, behaviours and decisions. Being honest and assertive. Doing your best and doing things in the right way.


Being fair and ethical and knowing yourself. Respecting and valuing differences. Challenging unacceptable behavior.


Working effectively with others. Being sensitive to other people’s feelings and wellbeing. Giving and receiving constructive feedback.


Being credible and confident whilst having impact. Understanding the context you are working in. Working effectively with your stakeholders.


Having a ‘one team’ approach. Being flexible and adaptable. Continuously striving for excellence and helping others to do the same. 


Delivering messages effectively. Listening to others and checking understanding. Being positive and committed.


Being open to change and new thinking. Adapting ways of working. Challenging the status quo.