Fire Risk Management

AssetCo currently offers the following Fire Risk Management services:

Fire Risk Assessment:

Our Risk Management and Assessment services are conducted by highly-qualified professionals who work to the highest standards of compliance. A fire risk assessment is the process of systematically evaluating the factors which determine the hazard from fire, the likelihood that there will be a fire, and the consequences if one were to occur. It is an essential fire safety process and one that is legally required in all workplaces.

Fire Safety Training:

AssetCo develop and deliver theoretical and practical safety training to educate staff and civilians on fire prevention and emergency response. Our training is also tailor-made to ensure that our clients meet the legal safety training requirements in accordance with current regulatory standards.

Fire Safety Training topics typically include:

  • Theory of fire.

  • Classification of fire.

  • Fire Extinguisher color-coding in accordance with B.S. EN3 Regulations.

  • Practical fire extinguisher use.

  • Basic duties of a fire warden/marshal.

  • Fire evacuation procedures.

  • Correct roll call procedures.

  • Causes of Fire.

  • Prevention of Fire.

  • Means of escape.

  • Fire alarm sounding and responding action.

  • Crisis management (including MTFA training).

  • Crisis leadership strategic decision-making.

Procurement and Management of Fire Safety Equipment:

AssetCo works with many of the world’s leading fire consultants and equipment and system providers, giving us access to the latest firefighting equipment and technology. This enables us to provide you with the very best firefighting and fire protection equipment, fully compliant with internationally recognised quality standards. We can design, supply, install and maintain all of your fire safety systems and equipment. We specialise in:

  • Fire Detection Systems.

  • Fire Alarms.

  • Fire Suppression Systems.

  • Safety Signage.